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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 19, 2017 12:37am-1:07am EDT

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so why can't you ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, the dramatic end to the nationwide manhunt for the alleged cleveland facebook killer. >> find me somebody i'm going to kill, kill this guy right here, the old dude. >> accused of murdering a complete stranger then posting the video on social media. the police pursuit and today's fatal finish. how workers at a mcdonald's drive-through recognized and stalled the suspect. plus doctors without bodies. we're in madagascar taking health care to new heights using drones to fly medicine into remote rural areas. >> the drone's making a house call so that the patient doesn't have to leave the village. >> granting isolated patients unprecedented access to modern treatments. and lord and a lady.
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gaga debuting her new song "the cure" at coachella, but it's her video with prince william that's taking the crown. her intriguing connection to the royal family. ♪ i'll always be there >> first here tonight the "nightline 5." >> i had frequent heartburn. my doctor recommended prilosec otc seven years ago. >> five years ago. >> last week. >> one pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. >> the number one doctor-recommended brand for ten straight years. >> it's still recommended today. >> use as directed. i've seen a change in einstein since he started eating beneful. >> the beef was fantastic. >> he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. >> now try beneful grain free. made with wholesome ingredients and no grain.
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good evening. we begin with a bloody ending to a mystifying and horrifying story involving a murder that played out on a video posted on facebook. the suspect recording on his phone as he shot and killed an elderly man right on the street. the case is raising all sorts of questions about crime in the era of social media. >> looks like there's one guy down in the white car. >> reporter: the two-day nationwide manhunt for 37-year-old murder suspect steve stevens is finally over after he took his own life late this money. >> this started with one tragedy and ended with another person taking their own life. loss of life is loss of life. we would like to have brought steven peacefully and really talked to him to find out exactly why this happened. >> i'm at the point where i snapped. >> reporter: stevens on the run after posting this chilling video to his facebook page on easter sunday. >> find me somebody i'm going to kill, kill this guy right here, old dude. >> r
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randomly killing 74-year-old robert godwin senior in cold blood on a sidewalk in cleveland. >> how old are you? >> oh, man -- look -- >> reporter: 911 calls from a neighbor witness described the chaotic aftermath. >> where was he shot at? >> he's been shot in the head. >> is he awake at all? >> no, i don't -- he's unconscious, he's dead. >> reporter: police made phone contact with stevens sunday but weren't able to convince him to turn himself in. stevens' trail went cold shortly thereafter, leaving much of the country on edge. >> this individual is armed and dangerous and at this point heck be a lot of places. >> cases like this where there's a national search and leads have dried up, the public is part of solving the crime. >> reporter: the key to finding stevens today, a call to 911 from drive-through employees at a mcdonald's in erie, pennsylvania, where stevens' cell phone had pinged a tower on sunday. >> came through drive-through,
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first window where he paid. the drive-through employee that was working at the time recognized him or thought -- noticed that the car was ohio tags and it was a white fusion. and took his money and he pulled to the next window. meanwhile she stepped out of there and called the state police right away. >> reporter: employees then asked stevens to wait for his fries, which they deliberately held back in order to give law enforcement time to arrive. >> he didn't want to wait for the fries which was fine. but he took his six-piece, didn't want any money back, and headed out onto buffalo road. the minute he turned right on buffalo road, the state police right behind him at that point. >> losing him wasn't an option at this point, there was too much at stake. >> reporter: a short pursuit followed with pennsylvania state troopers bringing stevens' car to a stop. >> at that time stevens used a handgun to take his own life. >> reporter: for the family of the victim, a grandfather of 14, stevens' death offers little comfort. >> it still ain't making me feel no better
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himself out like a coward. no closure for me and my babies. >> reporter: this senseless killing raises real questions about the role and responsibility of social media in potentially glorifying acts of violence. >> this is something that should not have been shared around the world. period. >> reporter: stevens' graphic video remained on his facebook page for more than two hours, viewed by more than 1,000 people, before his account was disabled. today the ceo of facebook, mark zuckerberg, acknowledged his company needs to do better. >> our hearts go out to the family and friends of robert godwin senior. we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening. >> reporter: stevens' murder video was part of a series of rants he posted on his facebook page sunday morning. >> i deal with problems every day but when it comes to my [ bleep ] nobody gives a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: he camed he was on a killing spree. >> i killed 13, working on 14 as we speak. i'm running around hating [ bleep ],
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i just snapped, man. >> reporter: stevens is not the first to post himself committing a violent crime on social media. earlier this year, a facebook live video in chicago captured the beating of an 18-year-old with special needs for nearly 30 minutes. in that case, facebook removed the video and the four suspects were charged with committing a hate crime, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and aggravated battery. >> we got a busted taillight in the back -- >> reporter: last summer a facebook live video of philando castille dying after being shot by a police officer while disturbing, also cast a powerful spotlight on police traffic stops and racial justice. >> he just shot his arm off. >> reporter: ska steel's girlfriend, diamond reynolds, kept streaming, providing possible evidence in upcoming trial of the officer who pleaded not guilty to second-degree manslaughter. >> he's licensed to carry. he was trying to get out his i.d.
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pocket. i chose to allow the video to go live ten seconds before my phone died, because i wanted everybody in the world to see what the police do and how they roll and it's not right. >> reporter: in response to the steve stevens video facebook said they are reviewing their reporting flows to be sure people can report videos and other material that violates our standards as easily and quickly as possible. and that they're constantly exploring ways that new technologies can make them sure that facebook is a safe environment, including artificial intelligence. >> a couple of minutes on the internet now of a video can go viral, because it can be copied and shared widely in a number of different places. so these companies have a real reason to want to make sure it's not there in the first place. >> reporter: brian godwin, grandson of steve stevens' victim, pleaded with people on twitter to stop spreading the horrific video saying, please, please, pleas
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that individuvideo and report ao has posted it, that is my grandfather, show some respect. that plea a reminder just as law enforcement relied on the public to report any information about stevens' whereabouts, so too do social media companies rely on users to spot trouble online. >> we rely on the public to report and to participate in ensuring that our communities are safe. so we want to encourage people who are interacting on facebook to report inappropriate conduct. >> reporter: tonight, law enforcement continues its investigation into steve stevens, who worked at a facility that helps troubled youth. >> the person that i knew 15 years ago, i could not imagine killing someone for any other reason other than like in self-defense or something like that. >> reporter: he had documented happier times on his youtube account over the past year and a half, including bowling, fishing, the championship victory of his hometown cleveland cava
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>> a normal, average guy. graduated from school. had stable employment. this is a surprise. >> reporter: so far, the claims stevens made about killing several other people have not been verified by law enforcement. meanwhile, robert godwin's friends and family are paying tribute to him, telling my colleague abc's alex perez -- >> it's my dad's invoice. >> reporter: that they are heartbroken over their loss. >> he'd give you the shirt off his back. just to know that i will never, ever hear my father's voice again. devastating. >> you can't get any wronger than taking somebody's life. but my dad would be the kind of person that would say, you've got to forgive. you've got to forgive. next here on a different note, they will fly in the ointment so to speak. the doctors using drones to deliver vital treatments to patients in developing countries. and te
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tonight we travel to the island of madagascar, a tropical paradise with flourishing wildlife. sometimes struggling humans. the population has been ravaged by easily curable diseases due to the prohibitive costs of medical transport. now a team of doctors has found a work-around, or over, by using drones. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> rep
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generators, camping gear, food and water. strapped to the roof of a bus. >> this is essentially the support mission for getting the medicines that are in those two boxes to the people who need it. >> reporter: we're on our way to a poor remote village to see why this man, dr. peter small, a tu tuberculosis specialist, is so excited. madagascar is one of the most beautiful and impoverished countries on earth. diseases easily treated and cured by modern medicine still spreading unchecked here. >> this village typifies the challenge faced in delivering heth care in remote areas. using innovative technology to see if we can leap over the roadblocks between here and those villages. >> reporter: dr. small wants to soar over those roadblocks using technology originally developed for war and now seen everywhere. drones. the drone here was designed by a
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vayu which has worked with usaid, the brain child of daniel pep history came up with the idea while living in rural indiana. >> the drone could do the job and obviate the need for expensive travel at considerable risk and cost, sacrificing daily wages, if they're farmers having to give up a day in their fields. >> reporter: the vayu drone takes off like a quad copter, can fly 40 miles like a plane with a five-pound payload, and land vertically. ferrying samples, tests and medication, eliminating visits to a clinic, all in mere minutes. melt with wide-eyed fascination and excitement. you see this as a scaleable technology that can be used around the world and for a variety of medical conditions? >> i think its highest yield in rural areas of developing countries specifically where you have hilly terrains and poor roads, we can fly there, pick up lab samples, fly back
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same afternoon, and diagnose a disease and transport medicine busy that evening. that's unthinkable at the moment. >> reporter: dr. small isn't the only one who sees this as revolutionary technology. another american group called zipline is using a different kind of drone in rwanda. it doesn't land but parachutes life-saving emergency supplies into distant areas like the one we're on our way to visit. the night before, we watched how they planned for these missions. what they're doing is using google earth to zoom in on these tiny villages, literally finding the exact spot where these drones are going to land. that's a no-fly zone, i don't like that. >> reporter: madagascar is raf valk ravaged by tuberculosis. more than 13,000 died of it in 2015, around the world 1.8 million. the disease which affects the lungs is very treatable, if people have access to care. first question, what's it going to cost? evidently if you're flying a bomb into a village, money is
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if you're delivering life-saving medicines, suddenly you have to do it for practically nothing. >> reporter: $25,000, to be exact. we cross a river and wind through fields to a village that means "nice tree." 60 mud huts, 300 residents. incredibly removed in time. from an infectious disease standpoint, they're still battling diseases of antiquity like plague. >> reporter: a warm but wary welcome from the village children. >> these your geese? goosy? geesy? >> reporter: people here have died of tuberculosis before. there are two known cases, five more suspected cases. the villagers gather so the health team can explain they'll be carrying out tests and training. while a tent is set up as a makeshift doctor's office to collect saliva samples. 16-year-old maurice young is one of the suspected tv cases. >> he has chest pain. and after that
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that comes out when she -- >> cough? >> yeah. tr reporter: he tells the team eatment, he's drinking sugar water for the pain. >> he's missing school and work because of these symptoms? >> yeah. >> reporter: we go home to see his living conditions. and it's immediately clear what the problem could be. >> eight people live in this house, including his mother. both of whom are suspect tuberculosis cases. every house in this village is like this one where they have an open fire here. they're cooking for dinner. and none of them have chimneys. so this entire room, this entire house, is full of smoke. >> reporter: as dawn breaks in the village, we go back to take more samples. >> see if he can bring something up, deep in his lungs. i don't see blood in the specimen but this is not a normal thing for someone to cough up, this has me worried. >> dow t
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to take the dispute actual, stick it on a drone, send it sfwhak in a future world i think there will be somebody in this village who can recognize somebody who might have tb, call in a drone, collect the dispute actual, send it back. >> reporter: the team records a training video and shows the villagers how they would use the quip the drone would fly in. >> if we can make it work for tb, there's no reason we can't make it work for other things. we could use it for delivering vaccines, for delivering medications for women who are hemorrhaging after childbirth. >> reporter: back at the lab, dr. small studies the samples for signs of tuberculosis. >> there is no clinician who could sit in that village and tell you definitively if those people had tube clothe or not. it absolutely requires a laboratory test. >> reporter: after more tests he finds that thankfully neither maurice young nor his parents have tb. beyond the hurdles of poverty, education ask technology, we saw for ourselves just how simple the obstacles can be.
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as if this project isn't complex enough, the drone can't fly in all this pouring rain, which is so common in this country. you can have all the modern technology you want, but it's often no match for mother nature. that hasn't dampened the ambitions of the project's leaders. >> the truth of the matter is when you speak to government officials they recognize the value proposition of this technology. there actually is a lot of excitement and a lot of eagerness to start using this technology here. but it's not going to happen overnight. >> reporter: the excitement for all involved so obvious, so contagious, this potential revolution is far more than a flight of fancy. for "nightline," i'm alex marquardt, madagascar. next here, fresh off the debut of her new song "the cure," why lady gaga is getting some digital face time with prince william.
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meets actual royalty. ♪ if i can find a cure >> it may be the name of her new song, also a way of life. lady gaga and prince william teaming up to promote discussion as a cure for the stigma surrounding mental health. >> everybody has mental health. we shouldn't be ashamed of it. >> from his study and her kitchen, the two chatting over facetime about an issue near and dear to body their hearts. william drawing from the lessons learned throughout his charitable work. >> whether it was veterans, homelessness, addiction, most of it seemed to stand back to mental health issues. >> gaga from her struggles with ptsd after a sexual assault she says she experienced as a young woman. >> it reminded me how much my mental health changing changed my life. >> the royals have made mental health one of their most prominent causes. this week william's brother harry sharing his emotional struggles with "the telegraph" newspaper opening up about the
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>> i can safely say losing my mom at the age of 12, therefore shutting down all my emotions for the last 20 years, has had a quite serious effect on not only my personal life but also my work as well. >> proving that even for a prince, or a lady, there are a million reasons not to suffer in silence. ♪ giving me a million reasons >> a great and important cause. thank you for watching abc news. >> i have a feeling i may be giving away some serious money today, because we've got some of the smartest kids in america backstage right now, and they did not come here to lose. stay right there, because it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, it's whiz kids week on "who wants to be a millionaire."
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my favorite. today's whiz kid was named indiana's top young scientist twice, has rubbed elbows with president obama twice, and has a provisional patent on her award-winning invention. she's not even old enough to drive. from munster, indiana, please welcome 14-year-old annie ostojic. [cheers and applause] annie, how you doing? >> good, how are you? >> good. ♪ i have this bizarre feeling that i'll be working for you in, like, a year. >> really? >> congratulations on all these incredible achievements. >> thank you. >> now, you have a patent--you-- this invention. >> yes, yes. >> and there's a patent on this. what did you invent? >> so i redesigned the microwave oven. so you know--have you tried to warm up frozen food meals, and the inside of your dishes-- >> yeah, and it's as hot as the sun on the inside, and then it's cold on part of it, and it bugs me. >> yeah, so i was trying to solve that problem, so i found that the majority of the hot spots are actually around the outer perimeter of your turntable in your microwave, and


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